T-EMU will be available here for download.

Packages are provided that can be installed with your operating system's standard package manager. The .sig file is a PGP signature of the release. This signature can be verified with e.g. GnuPG. The fingerprint of the release key is: BB41 60CF 9048 79C3 FC48 DDF0 5EE9 DFE1 366B 7E86 and can be downloaded here.

The right to use the software is predicated on the acceptance of a license agreement and the availability of a license key. The following licenses are available at the moment:

Note that you need a license key in order to launch the emulator. Also, the emulator is bundled with third party software (including software libraries). This (third-party) software is provided under separate license agreements and these agreements are assumed to be accepted when the user accepts the T-EMU license. For a list of the third party software and their agreemets, please view this file

To download obsolete releases, visit the download archive.

Our emulator is known to work on Debian 7 and later, RHEL7 and SLES11.
Any other distributions may work as well but they are not supported with respect to installation and deployment issues.

Nightly Releases

  • t-emu+asserts-2.2.0-generic-Linux-x86_64-2017-12-13-02d1ef90467512ea24d9dae20305e31b2666cec1: .deb .rpm .tar.bz2
  • t-emu+asserts-2.2.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64-2017-12-13-02d1ef90467512ea24d9dae20305e31b2666cec1: .tar.bz2
  • t-emu-2.2.0-generic-Linux-x86_64-2017-12-13-02d1ef90467512ea24d9dae20305e31b2666cec1: .deb .rpm .tar.bz2
  • t-emu-2.2.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64-2017-12-13-02d1ef90467512ea24d9dae20305e31b2666cec1: .tar.bz2

T-EMU 2.1.0

  • Released: 2015-11-12
  • Release Notes
  • Generic Linux
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64: .deb .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.deb: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
    • t-emu-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64: .deb .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.deb: .sig
    • t-emu-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu-2.1.0-generic-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
  • SLES11 Linux
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64: .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
    • t-emu-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64: .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu-2.1.0-sles11-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig

T-EMU 2.0.2

  • Released: 2015-09-03
  • Release Notes
  • Generic Linux
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64: .deb .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.deb: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
    • t-emu-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64: .deb .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.deb: .sig
    • t-emu-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu-2.0.2-generic-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
  • SLES11 Linux
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64: .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu+asserts-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig
    • t-emu-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64: .rpm .tar.bz2
    • t-emu-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64.rpm: .sig
    • t-emu-2.0.2-sles11-Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2: .sig

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